Techniacl Focus

Nortec’s primary success formula is being great consultants by focusing on a relatively narrow band of information technology. We focus on network infrastructure and corporate communications and specifically around four key partners: Microsoft, VMWare, Symantec and Mitel. This focus allows us to hire and develop the best professionals and go deeper into these technologies. We specifically focus on the following solutions: Exchange and Email Archiving, Windows Server, System Center, Virtualization, SANs, Backup and IP Telephony.

Nortec does work with a broader set of technology around infrastructure that includes switching and routing, security, web servers, SQL, and SharePoint. This is where Nortec and many consulting companies and individuals are challenged as to where do they draw the line on their skill set. When do they stretch and when do they hold the line and say “I am not the professional for this work.” This is a harder decision if you have a client that knows you are great at what you do and encourages you to stretch.

The key for staying focused is having a clear knowledge of current skills and vision of skills to be developed. When there is an opportunity to stretch, only stretch to the extent it fits in with the vision and development plans. Great technical professionals have figured this out. They know exactly how far they can stretch and avoid putting themselves or the company in a bad situation. They do stretch and when they stretch they put in the extra hours preparing and make sure the stretch is not a leap they cannot handle.

Information Technology is extremely dynamic so updating and developing skills is extremely important for a successful professional. At least once or twice a year an IT Professional should reflect on their current skills, update their vision as to where they are going, and create a plan how they will get there.

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