Unified Communications

Unified Communications Enable Hyper Collaboration

Effective communication is the backbone of productive businesses. For modern, distributed workforces in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia this means implementing reliable unified communication systems. These platforms provide the tools your business needs to drive growth. Employees will be able to share documents, collaborate on projects, receive critical updates and hold meetings across multiple devices, regardless of where they are located.

Business Communication Tools Facilitate Teamwork

Businesses that adopt innovative technologies have a competitive advantage. Employees are able to collaborate in real time using cloud-based unified communications applications, provide feedback via comments in documents and give status updates on video calls or in chats. Other opportunities businesses using solutions like Microsoft Teams, Mitel Voice Connect and MiCloud Connect capitalize on include:

  • Streamline how teams chat, schedule, share documents
    and manage projects.
  • Efficiently communicate with colleagues whether in or out of the office.
  • Instantly schedule or join meetings.
  • Transform mobile devices into extensions of desktop phones.
  • Securely conduct high-quality video conference calls.
  • Quickly join conference calls without a lengthy dial-in process.

, Unified Communications

Never Miss a Call or Update

When employees can’t connect, projects stall and deadlines are missed. If clients or prospective customers fail to reach your business, you lose out on opportunities. For your business to succeed the communication systems you use need to keep pace.

Adaptable Phone Services
“Work” does not have to take place in the office and there are many reasons you can’t wait around for phone calls at your desk. Whether it’s a cloud phone service or on-premise solution, the system needs to be able to adapt to this mobile environment without you having to give out a personal phone number. Call forwarding applications make it possible for calls to your office number to reach you wherever you are.

Business Instant Messaging
With Microsoft Teams chat isn’t only for internal messages. By establishing private channels, you can securely add third parties to your instant messaging platform. This provides an easy, email-free way to update clients about projects from your mobile device or desktop. Similarly, it is a chance to catch up with other project stakeholders, view and edit documents or connect with the office when you’re on the road.

The Nortec Unified Communications Difference

We’re continuously focused on finding innovative technologies that enable and drive your business forward. As a trusted Microsoft partner with multiple gold and silver competencies, we have the expertise and knowledge to help clients in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia roll out the unified communications platform that works best, whether that’s Microsoft Teams or Mitel Voice Connect. Our goal is to help you find the best communication tools for your business.


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