Unified Communications – Philadelphia

Unified Communications Facilitate Hyper-Collaboration

At its heart, the goal of unified communications is simple: to make connecting, communicating and collaborating easy and efficient. Modern, distributed workforces in Philadelphia rely on unified communication systems to remain productive and grow. These platforms enable employees to upload and send files, provide updates to coworkers and business partners and participate in meetings from any location.

Modern Business Communication Tools

Real-time collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams drive business growth by breaking down work silos. Regardless of location, employees can use innovative technologies to provide feedback and status updates, work side-by-side in a virtual environment on documents, screenshare or join conference calls.  Other opportunities businesses using solutions like Microsoft Teams, Mitel’s MiVoice Connect and MiCloud Connect capitalize on include:

  • Streamline how teams chat, schedule, share documents and manage projects
  • Efficiently communicate with colleagues in or out of the office
  • Instantly schedule or join meetings
  • Transform mobile devices into extensions of desktop phones
  • Securely conduct high-quality video conference calls
  • Quickly join conference calls without a lengthy dial-in process

Never Miss a Call or Update

Businesses are not locked into a 9-to-5 structure. Employees may work flexible schedules and distributed workforces and partners may be in different time zones. You need reliable tools that reflect today’s mobile culture.

When employees can’t connect, projects stall and deadlines are missed. If clients or prospective customers fail to reach your business, you lose opportunities. For your business to succeed, your communication systems need to keep pace.

Flexible Phone Services

When work takes place out of the office, you need a phone system that travels with you and doesn’t require giving out a personal number. Call-forwarding applications turn your smart device or computer into a phone, meaning you never miss a critical update. On-premise and cloud-based solutions are available so you don’t have to choose between leveraging existing infrastructure and enjoying the affordability and scalability of the cloud.

Business Chat Apps

With Microsoft Teams chat isn’t only for internal messages. By establishing private channels, you can securely add third parties to your instant messaging platform. This provides an easy, email-free way to update clients about projects from your mobile device or desktop. Similarly, it is a chance to catch up with other project stakeholders, view and edit documents or connect with the office when you’re on the road.

How Nortec Helps Philadelphia-Area Businesses

Tailored Unified Communication Solutions

We offer a wide range of on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid unified communication solutions for Philadelphia-area businesses. You don’t have to choose between leveraging existing infrastructure and enjoying the affordability and scalability of the cloud.

Whether you’re looking to implement a hyper-collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams, manage a feature-rich communication system onsite or you’re ready to take advantage of fully managed, unified communications as a service (UCaaS), Nortec can craft a tailored solution to meet your objectives.

Mitel and Microsoft Expertise

Philadelphia-area businesses partnering with Nortec work with a partner who has experience deploying Mitel and Microsoft solutions. We’re continuously focused on finding innovative technologies that enable and drive your business forward. As a trusted Microsoft partner with multiple gold and silver competencies, we have the expertise to help clients in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia roll out the unified communications platform that works best, whether that’s Microsoft Teams or Mitel’s MiVoice Connect or MiCloud Connect. Our goal is to help you find the best communication tools for your business.

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