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VMotion Sickness

I read an interesting article regarding VMotion Sickness : “Virtualization Will Cross the Chasm in Two Years” by Greg Ness

VMotion Sickness is a term coined to describe the effects from too many virtual machines moving around and VM Sprawl. This causes everything to run slower due to the overhead associated with VMs moving. This negates the basic virtualization benefits of better utilization of resources. VMotion is of course a management tool yet it can be a part of your virtualization management problem.

How do you deal with VMotion Sickness?

It starts with planning and management. Do a comprehensive capacity plan and implement structured management. Here are three keys to success:

1. Monitor right from beginning so you have a long history of data to troubleshoot problems
2. Keep a keen eye out for any virtualization bottlenecks
3. Know what is running on your infrastructure – keep details and avoid server sprawl

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