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From handsets to video chats, the evolution of business communication

The evolution of unified communications from VoIP has added power and simplicity to the modern business communication landscape. Nortec’s comprehensive unified communications offerings combine the simplicity and convenience of Voice over IP (VoIP) with cutting-edge platforms like video conferencing, screen sharing, and instant messaging to allow teams to communicate and collaborate in powerful new ways. 

The Origins of VoIP

In the early days of business communication, phone technology was simple – the phone rang, you answered it. As the internet became a staple of modern offices and workplaces, VoIP emerged with the ability to carry both phone calls and internet connectivity over the same network. With this new VoIP technology, a handset could receive both phone calls and internet connectivity with one jack and one cable. While this simplified the infrastructure of business technology for administrators, VoIP phone service didn’t provide many new features for the end-users. Phones rang, people answered, and the options for communication and content sharing remained relatively limited for nearly a decade.

Unified Communications: The Next Generation of VoIP

Enter unified communications. While VoIP technology remains a staple of business communication, the IT industry has moved towards unified communications as a catch-all term for tools that include VoIP as well as other communication tools. Unified communications pairs the simple infrastructure of VoIP with cutting-edge collaboration platforms like multi-party video conferencing and desktop sharing. It also leverages cloud technology that focuses on empowering the end-user to save time, money and energy for workplaces of every size.

Unified communications has evolved to support a changing workforce. With more employees working remotely from homes, coffee shops, airports and more, mobile devices are as much a part of business technology as desktop computers in the office. Nortec works to support and bring together teams regardless of geography by incorporating both personal and professional mobile devices into a comprehensive unified communications plan.

Nortec VoIP & Unified Communications 

In today’s IT landscape, VOIP is just one component of a complete unified communications strategy. At Nortec, we offer a customizable suite of communication tools and platforms including both cloud and on-premise solutions for VoIP, in addition to video-conferencing, instant messaging, desktop sharing and more. Our cutting-edge unified communications services allow clients to collaborate remotely, reduce expenses, and increase productivity by making it simpler than ever to bringing people and ideas together.

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