Webinar Invite / Enterprise Mobility

, Webinar Invite / Enterprise Mobility

The Challenges

  • Your employees expect to be productive using a variety of device types
  • You need an infrastructure that can handle a common identity across on-prem services and the cloud 
  • Everyone needs to be confident about Data Protection
The Solution: Enterprise Mobility Suite
, Webinar Invite / Enterprise Mobility
, Webinar Invite / Enterprise Mobility
, Webinar Invite / Enterprise Mobility

We hear some common themes in questions regarding the Cloud:

Executives want control over their information.

Who has access and how do we keep our information in-house?

Legal teams are concerned about regulatory compliance and privacy.

How can this be accomplished?

IT staff wonder about adding complexity to existing systems.

How will our infrastructure be managed?


For answers to these questions and Microsoft’s strategy join our

 Enterprise Mobility Webinar 




Senior Consultant, Nortec Communications


Thursday, October 30 / 11:30am – 12:30pm EDT

RSVP to Alison Childs / 703.288.7222


As a Senior Consultant Greg provides his clients with customized, business centered, technology solutions.  After years of experience Greg knows that one-size does not fit all.  Greg first gets to know his clients to understand their priorities, direction, and needs and then develops the technology strategy to meet their goals.

Greg has been working in Information Technology since 1991. He’s been Microsoft certified since 1995, and CISSP certified since 2008. Greg taught Microsoft certification courses for years during the evening while consulting and implementing during the day. He’s worked as a Director of IT Engineering and Senior Solutions Architect and has recently returned to Nortec as a Senior Consultant.

Nortec Communications - Washington D.C