Your New Backup Superhero: The Cloud

Your New Backup Superhero: The Cloud

When Delta Airlines carrier experienced a system-wide outage in 2018, the airlines had to contend not only with angry travelers, but also with the fact that it could not recover data or access backup systems.

And it was completely avoidable – If only Delta had used a cloud backup system.

If you have recently experienced a major outage, or endure frequent problems with back-ups and slow system performance, you are exposed to IT disruptions – and huge risk, which could ultimately affect your customers.

Here are the top 3 disruptions to your business that could cause a Delta-sized failure:

  • Unrecoverable loss of data.
    So you have back-up and disaster recovery solutions in place, great. But do you know if it’s working?  When is the last time you restored data from a backup? Have you ever failed over to the recovery system or will the first time be during a catastrophic failure?
  • An outage of a key operational system.
    You see it starting to happen… systems locking up, slow performance, systems approaching end of life, a system outage that took over an hour to get back up. It’s the snowball effect that could lead to a blizzard.
  • Not having a fail-over system to recover back-ups.
    In the case of back-up recovery, time is of the essence. If a backup generator went down (or you don’t have one), it could take a week to get back online – imagine how disruptive that would be to your business.

Every business faces disruption risks that present threats to its success, which is why using processes, methods and tools for managing these business risks is imperative.

Cloud backup solutions keep your data secure, ensures 100% access to information, and protects your organization from disruptions such as the unrecoverable loss of data. Cloud-based back-up and recovery solutions, such as real-time replication – or system mirroring – make data protection and continuity fully accessible.  Data is automatically copied from one server to another in real-time, so that copies are synchronized and are immediately accessible in the event of an outage or catastrophic event.

Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions are low-cast, fully scalable, and extremely efficient as fewer resources are needed than on your production system.

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