42 Easy, Powerful Ways to Rapidly Enhance Your Cybersecurity

Simplify your cybersecurity.

It’s easier than you think to lock down network security and create a cybersecure business. All you need to do is apply the cybersecurity guidelines in this FREE checklist.

Eliminate cyber weaknesses

4 Reasons You Need to Follow These 42 Cybersecurity Points

Prevent and Respond to Attacks

With the guidelines in the checklist, you can prevent malware, phishing and ransomware attacks. If you do suffer a breach, you’ll have protections in place to mitigate the impact.

Get Cyber Insurance

It’s never been more difficult to obtain cyber risk insurance. Insurance providers have increased their expectations that companies implement cybersecurity measures  in order to be eligible for insurance payouts in the event of a breach.

Instill Client Trust

Create a secure environment where you maintain client confidence and control over confidential client, company and employee data.

Secure DOD Contracts 

The checklist is based on Level 1 CMMC compliance, the most basic set of requirements you need to successfully bid on Department of Defense contracts and contracts with DOD contractors. It's an ad, not a book. Learn how to summarize your most important messages for an ad that's concise yet still creative, too. 

You’re one click away from improving cybersecurity.