Enrique Salem, CEO Symantec Presentation at Partner Conference

Last week I attended the Symantec Partner Conference. Enrique Salem, Symantec CEO outlined the trends he sees in the IT Industry. He gave a similar presentation last year so I thought I would compare! Here are the five trends he outlined in 2009:

1. Virtualization
2. “We are under attack” – Businesses are under attack by criminals trying to gain financially through hacking into corporate information
3. “Consumerization of IT” – Consumers adopt and implement new technologies before businesses
4. Storage is growing extremely rapidly: A) 51% businesses plan to spend more on storage next year B) 33% businesses plan to spend the same on storage next year C) 16% businesses plan to spend Less on storage next year
5. Executives are targeted with IT attacks

This year Enrique Salem outlined the first five consolidating 2 and 5 as “Threat to Landscape” and added 4 more trends:

5. IT – ification
6. Mobility
7. Cloud
8. Social

IT – ification being that everything we do is becoming integrated with information technology. I suppose this explains the consumerization of technology….

Enrique Salem continued his presentation by painting a picture of the future with these four concepts:

1. Everything revolves around people and information
2. Business and personal merge
3. Simple and secure access to information is expected
4. The enterprise is more scalable and cost efficient

These trends do appear accurate. Nortec is engaged in most of these areas in some form or another. We saw the wave of cloud computing a few years ago and have been very active in our cloud offering, Nortec 24/7 since 2006.

Nortec Communications - Washington D.C