Gartner’s 10 IT Trends for 2013

I read an article in Cloud Times that reported on Gartner’s 10 IT Trends for 2013:

1. Onslaught of Mobile Devices
2. Native Mobile Apps and HTML 5
3. Personal Cloud – A place to keep your stuff instead of on your computer’s hard drive
4. Corporate Showcase Apps – Private mobile apps to for corporate apps
5. Internet of things – other things will be connected to internet – pictures, clocks, calendars
6. Hybrid Cloud – Internal and Cloud interconnected
7. Strategic Big Data – Companies are navigating diverse data not all in one place
8. Actionable Analytics – Cloud will allow more analytics
9. In Memory Computing – Allows data comparison and analysis exponentially faster
10. Integrated ecosystems – Market is demanding integration of systems  

This is in line with what we are seeing at our clients and at Nortec internally. Primarily we are seeing hybrid cloud and the growth of mobility.

Source:  Cloud Times, “Gartner: Top 10 Key Technology Trends for 2013” By Saroj Kar
Nortec Communications - Washington D.C