Getting Away

I just returned from a camping trip with my extended family on the French River in Canada. We paddled down the French River in canoes about 6 miles. We camped in tents for three days with no email, phone, electricity, or even running water! It was really getting away. I camped away in the wilderness as a kid but this is my first canoe trip and first remote camping trip as an adult with my kids.

The experience of paddling for four hours was great. The campsite worked out really well with a 10 ft. rock to leap off into the water – my son’s favorite part of the trip. We had some fishing and great weather – 70s pretty much the entire trip.
Remote camping is like going back to primitive life style and somehow is appealing. The kids certainly love it! I highly recommend the getting away part. The family bonding from this kind of adventure is great. Oh, did I mention the French River is beautiful?

So, take vacation, really get away, enjoy your family, disconnect from the rest of the world and decompress for a few days. It’s as good as it gets!

Nortec Communications - Washington D.C