Great Speaker presentations on You Tube: Authors@Google

I came across these Authors at Google and I have really enjoyed the presentations. Here is the description from Google:

The Authors@Google program brings authors of all stripes to Google for informal talks centering on their recently published books. Through the program, we invite authors to our Mountain View headquarters as well as our New York, Santa Monica, Cambridge, Ann Arbor, and other offices, where Googlers are treated to readings of everything from serious literature and political analysis to pioneering science fiction and moving personal memoirs; past participants have ranged from novelist Salman Rushdie and economist Jeffrey Sachs to journalist Bob Woodward and U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain. When possible, we share these remarkable conversations with the world outside the Googleplex through our YouTube channel.

I have watched six so far and they have all been pretty good. They usually start by the author describing the book and the message or essence of the book and then there is usually a question and answer session. They run 45 minutes to an hour and it looks like there are currently 661 videos on You Tube so plenty to see!

Here are my two favorites I have seen so far:

Authors@Google: Dan Ariely–sm9XXU&feature=channel

Authors@Google: Charlene Li

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