Internet Future

I read an interesting article in ZDNet: “The future of the Internet: it’s in the app” by Andrew Nusca. The article is about the recent prediction made by George Colony CEO of Forrester that the apps are the future. The apps have a cloud component in most cases but the power of the endpoints is so strong that it does not make sense to turn PCs and mobile devices into dummy terminals.
Here is a statement that articulates the power of the PC and mobile device: “IEEE researchers benchmarked the iPad 2 to be equivalent to a 1986 8-core Cray 2 — running at 1.65 gigaflops. In 1993 the iPad 2 would have been among the top 30 supercomputers in the world.”

The servers powering the cloud are much more powerful also but doesn’t it make sense to utilize the power at your finger tips as well? I have said this before on this blog regarding going to thin client. The argument for thin client and cloud is largely around managing and supporting the solution. It is easier to manage a few severs than all the endpoints. Clearly there are many applications best entirely hosted in the cloud but I don’t think that everything will be. Maybe there will be a greater growth rate of the apps than pure cloud solutions. What do you think?

ZDNet “The future of the Internet: it’s in the app” by Andrew Nusca:

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