LinkedIn Breach

I read an article in CIO magazine regarding a security breach on LinkedIn.  A reported 6.5 Million passwords were reported to be taken.  That is 6.5% percent of the total 100 Million LinkedIn users.  It is unclear if there are attached User IDs and so far it does not appear as though anything has happened beyond the passwords taken. 

In my LinkedIn account there is not much information if any that is not published for anyone to read already.  The real danger for me would be for someone to take over my account and make changes or access my contacts.   It would probably be a good idea to change my LinkedIn password anyway.

This kind of attack does remind everyone of the vulnerability of your information and the importance of securing your data.  These events may also scar cloud providers and make individuals and businesses think twice about public cloud and hosting. The larger cloud providers may be likely targets for hackers.
CIO Article:  “FAQ: LinkedIn Breach: What Members (and Others) Need to Know”

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