“Who’s got your back” by Keith Ferrazzi

“Who’s got your back” is a book about building a support team – people you confide in for support on life’s challenges. When I first started reading the book I quickly grasped the concept of building a network. Mr. Ferrazzi gave several examples including weight watchers – essentially the entire weight watchers strategy is creating a support group to hold you accountable to your own goals.

I wondered after a chapter or so if there was really enough on building a personal support network for an entire book …. There is and Mr. Ferrazzi does an excellent job. After giving examples of how support groups have succeeded Mr. Ferrazzi explains why the support is important and how to create a support group.

My take away from “Who’s got your back” is five steps:

1. Inventory your current relationships and determine who supports you and who does not.

2. Build an engaging relationship with a few individuals that will; support you and allow you to support them; Are willing to open up in an engaging, trusting, confidential relationship.

3. Meet with those individuals at least once a month formally or casually.

4. Build the relationship to where you are comfortable discussing your goals and challenges.

5. Review your goals and hold each other accountable to them.

I have been a go it alone person and somewhat introverted so this is challenging for me. I have learned the value of support and have done some of this. I can refine my execution and have more and better relationships and Mr. Ferrazzi did a great job of outlining how to do this.

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