“Who’s Your City” by Richard Florida on Authors@ Google

I recently watched Richard Florida author of “Who’s Your City” on Youtube, Authors@Google. The presentation is about cities and how your choice is important. I think the presentation is interesting and worth watching. Mr. Florida discusses what he found makes people have an overall feeling of well being or happiness -it is not money provided you are above the poverty level. There are basically three factors:

1. Job that you love that challenges you
2. Social connections – A “Scary Stat” is that on average people have one close confidant!
3. Your surroundings – “Who’s Your City”

He found through surveys that what makes people happy with where they live is:
1. Safe and Secure
2. Economic and Social Opportunity
3. Good Government and Business Leadership
4. High diversity environment – accepting of multi-culture, economic, and religions
5. Quality of the place physical characteristics – Parks, trails, architecture

So I will stretch this with no real supporting data to a business environment! I believe people are looking for the same things:

1. Safe work environment physical as well as information technology
2. Successful company
3. Good managers in a positive environment
4. Diverse culture on business teams has been proven to be more effective
5. Work in good physical conditions

Look at your business for the gaps and try to fill them in.

Richard Florida on youtube, Authors@Google Link:

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