Working from Home

I have always been a believer in working from the office!  When I started Nortec 23 years ago and it was just me, I rented a small office and did not work from home.  I may be one of few entrepreneurs to do this but I always enjoyed the separation and for me it is stress management as well.  Now I am like everyone else in the information age doing emails from home and carrying my mobile phone pretty much all the time.  I work at home on nights and weekends sometimes but I do try to keep this to a minimum and focus on family and down time. 

So I like to work from my office but does that mean it is the right approach for others.  The approach we take at Nortec is that for the consultants and sales we are flexible once they have been with the organization for a while.  Everyone must come in at the beginning until they are integrated and hitting their metrics.   I encourage everyone to continue to work from the office as often as possible as it does help connect everyone with the occasional impromptu meeting.  Of course these kind of meetings can be time sinks as well so it is a double edged sword.  If someone is delivering top numbers in sales or top consultant in the field there is tremendous latitude.    Overall my philosophy leans toward the showing up at the office.

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