Your IT Infrastructure Easy Button

Your company’s IT infrastructure should feel like the handy-dandy easy button your office staff relies on.

Forget the headaches of license renewals, server maintenance, backups, anti-virus and security add-ons, support, and over time, memory & storage expansion. You no longer need to devote precious time, money, and energy to your outdated, hardware-intensive system.

Moving to the cloud with a true IT expert is the answer to all IT nays – turning them into IT “yeas.”

Your infrastructure is truly the backbone of your business, and a reliable cloud platform can turn your company around, drive productivity, improve customer experience, and impact your bottom line.

When it comes to your IT, why would you take the same risk by staying with the same on-premise system and managing it yourself?

3 signs that your IT infrastructure needs an overhaul:

  1. You recently experienced an IT failure.

This could include the failure of an in-house server, a critical application getting corrupted, backups not operating as they should, or communication systems experiencing downtime, just to name a few. These are all things that can cause extensive damage to productivity and cost your business a lot of money. With cloud, there’s no more server or storage hardware on premise to fail, and your remaining IT infrastructure – such as desktops, firewalls and switches, etc. – would be supported via the cloud remotely – no need for expensive in-house IT expertise. 

  1. You’re experiencing more frequently recurring IT issues.

You see it starting to creep up every day. You may be experiencing slow performance, or when you test your antivirus, it isn’t as comprehensive as it should be. The writing is on the wall. .And you’re forced to figure out a solution. Cloud computing keeps your data secure, ensures 100% access to information, and protects your organization against today’s world of hackers, threats, and breaches. 

  1. You know that you need to move to the cloud, but you don’t know how.

Keeping current with technology is imperative to staying competitive at your level. You need to be quick to adopt new trends. You need to be flexible and put technology to work for you. But knowing how to do this is a whole different ballgame. A managed service provider can put the right solution in place, moving your entire infrastructure into the cloud for you. That removes the burden of figuring out what applications make sense, and who is going to plan the whole project.

These 3 signs can tell you what’s wrong with your in-house infrastructure. But what’s right is that the cloud can provide exciting, uncomplicated technology solutions for your company! This is especially true when your IT is in the hands of an experienced, devoted IT partner who is as committed to make your IT high-functioning and effective as you are to making your company grow.

Nortec Communications can be just this expert. With Nortec Communications, you won’t have to maintain or worry about your core IT infrastructure anymore. For more information on how Nortec can revolutionize your IT experience, call us at 866-531-1990.

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