A Better Way to Manage Your Mobility Strategy

Where mobile management should start

When you know you need mobile device management, navigating the options can be overwhelming. Many companies start off by looking at the technology options which can lead to getting lost or being oversold on unnecessary features and services.

At Nortec, we believe your mobility strategy should start with identifying exactly what business issues you need to address. Put the technology aside for a moment and determine what the driving needs of your business are. Mobility strategy can mean everything from managing your devices to building applications. Are you faced with regulatory requirements? Are your employees using more mobile devices? Do you have customers demanding mobile applications for your products and services?

Choosing the right company to work with

Once you’ve identified your needs, your IT company should know exactly what to do. At Nortec, we believe it is our responsibility to make sure that your company can effectively manage your devices and applications so that you draw the most value from your mobility solution. We take the complexity of managing mobility off your shoulders by assigning a dedicated consultant who works with you from concept to completion, answering questions and ensuring that your business needs remain the top priority.

We’re one of only a handful of companies on the east coast whose engineers hold the highest certification level in Enterprise Mobility Management competency, Microsoft’s industry-leading mobility suite that offers single sign-on capability, document protection, multi-factor authentication, persona management and device management to keep your data secure and employees productive. As a Gold Microsoft partner, Nortec leverages our relationship with Microsoft to give our clients seamless implementation and robust support, whether you’re developing a new app, need to manage employee devices or anything in between.

True mobility management

True mobility management doesn’t end with deployment. Once you have your mobile device management suite or applications developed, you need to have the business processes in place for remote monitoring and maintenance, as well as ongoing end-user support.

We believe that supporting, maintaining and standing behind our solutions is even more important than implementing them. Perhaps that’s why so many companies across multiple industries have trusted us with their mobility management. Our experts remotely monitor and maintain over 1,500 end points for our clients, ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance, up-to-date security and ongoing support. Plus, end users have access to our network operations center, so they can get the support they need, when they need it.

When you’re looking for a mobility solution, don’t get sucked into dollar-for-dollar comparisons or consumer-driven solutions. To get true value, you need to understand your business needs and work with a committed partner who will craft a custom solution, deploy it with expertise and ensure that it is compliant, secure, and supported around the clock.

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