Evolution of Information Technology – Dealing with the Shift to the Cloud?

While still in early stages, Cloud Computing is definitely a growing area within information technology (IT). Hosted service and remote managed services are growing faster in some areas than others. Small companies are moving their entire information technology department to the cloud in some cases. Certainly new companies are looking at this strategy right out of the gate. Most companies and particularly large enterprise organizations are utilizing a hybrid model. When it comes time to purchase new hardware or migrate to a new version of software it makes sense to evaluate cloud computing.

How should information technology leaders deal with this shift? There is some resistance since ultimately as technology moves to the cloud, one might think that a company will need less internal IT staff. This is true to a certain extent; however it is true more so for those that do not embrace cloud computing than those that do. If the premise is true that more technology will move to the cloud (and I think it is…) than IT professionals that embrace this and become experts at dealing with it will be in demand. Companies will need troops on the ground to migrate, manage and support the cloud services.

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