Is Your Cloud Services Provider Taking You for a Ride?

, Is Your Cloud Services Provider Taking You for a Ride?Many companies have moved to cloud-based technology through a cloud provider. Cloud integration is simply the best choice to ensure that your organization’s technology keeps pace with your upward trajectory and choosing a cloud partner is a mission critical decision for your business.  As the holder of the keys to your entire technology infrastructure, your cloud services provider can take your company to the next level – or hold you back.

Unfortunately, not all cloud-based technology is created equal. Likewise, not all cloud providers can furnish your business with everything you need from the cloud.

Whether your company has partially or fully integrated to the cloud, made the move long ago or has recently taken the leap, how do you know whether you are getting the best cloud experience?

Questions to ask your cloud services provider:

  1. Cost efficiency. Has your cost decreased in the last 5 years? Market cost has, so yours should follow suit. If not, start getting pricing elsewhere.
  2. Backup and recovery. Are backup and recovery consistent and ongoing? What are your current risks of data loss? When was the last time you restored a back-up? When was the last time you tested your fail over?  Without adequate backup and ability to recover, your files are gone for good. Leave nothing to chance here.
  3. Do you have the right parameters in place to ensure protection from breaches? Microsoft cloud solutions offer multiple layers of security – any cloud worth its weight should do the same.
  4. Are patches continuously integrated to keep your data and files safe? Is your cloud regularly updated? Find out how often it’s updated. This is essential to keeping your cloud secure. The allure of the cloud is that it makes innovation much more accessible.

Whether intentionally or not, if your cloud doesn’t include these essentials, you’re getting taken for a ride. Chances are you’re getting less “cloud” for more money.

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When your cloud provider has a conflict of interest

Growing companies are utilizing public clouds like Microsoft for a variety of reasons. Microsoft, for example, can pour billions into cloud optimization. They run global redundancies to keep your data and files secure in any situation. If a hurricane knocks out one datacenter, another has you covered.

Private cloud providers, on the other hand, don’t have the unlimited resources to pour into their cloud service. They often purchase a few servers that are wholly reliant on the provider’s ability to keep pace with the companies they serve and the internet capabilities that they have access to. Unlike a public cloud, if the lights go out at this private cloud, you are likely looking at serious downtime. In some cases, that’s the tip of the iceberg. You could face data loss and increased risk of security breaches.  On top of this, private clouds cost more!

How much should you be paying for the cloud?

The price of cloud integration has dropped approximately 40 percent over the past five years. Last year, in fact, Microsoft began offering software packages that serve every possible need, which plays a role in this continued cost drop for consumers.

We’ve worked with multiple clients to switch to more robust and cost-effective cloud. For one client, we were able to halve their cloud costs while increasing the quality, breadth and depth of their cloud. Contrary to popular belief, when you integrate to a public cloud and utilize an IT provider who understands your goals, you often spend less money for a more superior experience.

The way forward is easy and affordable with the right cloud-based technology

Some companies have been reluctant to change. Based on our experience, this usually comes down to lack of awareness or an idea that switching is hard or expensive. The reality is much different. In fact, switching to a public cloud (or a more experienced IT provider if you are already in the cloud) often costs less than a single monthly bill from your current provider, and transferring is easier than you may think, especially when utilizing one of Microsoft’s top partners with Certified Gold Cloud Competencies.

When partnering with a provider who has technical expertise in cloud data migration, this switch can happen smoothly with little-to-no downtime experienced by your team. Remember: your partner can take your business to the next level or hold you back. So, choose carefully.

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