2012 IT Priorities

Tech Target surveyed IT Professionals on what there IT Priorities for 2012 – Here is the list:

1.      Windows 7 Deployment
2.      Server Virtualization
3.      Networked Based Security
4.      Data Protection
5.      Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
6.      Business Intelligence
7.      Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is not at the top but is at the top conversation.  Cloud is such a significant change in how IT is consumed.  While cloud is still a small part of IT spending it is rapidly growing.  This survey is in line with many of the Windows 7 deployment projects we have seen at Nortec.

Search CIO, Article by Mark Schlack, Vice President, Editorial

 “2012 IT priorities: Windows 7 migration, yes; cloud, not so much”

Nortec Communications - Washington D.C