Shift in IT and Priorities for 2012

I attended Tiffani Bova’s “Reading the Tea Leaves” last week at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.    The message was on the shift in IT to the cloud and also to more buying of IT outside the IT department.  The statistic is as much as 35%.  Consulting will be more related to data management and process management with a focus on making IT work for the business.  Not that this has changed that much but the move to cloud will allow IT groups to focus more on non-infrastructure issues.  Here are the 2012 IT priorities found through Gartner survey:

2012 Priorities

1. BI

2. Mobility

3. Cloud

4. Collaboration

5. Virtualization

6. Legacy modernization

7. IT Management

8. CRM

9. ERP

10. Social media

11. Web


Microsoft WPC 2012: “Reading the Tea Leaves” by Tiffani Bova

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