Cloud Services

The Future of Business is Here

Cloud services gives businesses in Washington D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia the ability to make their staff more productive, systems more secure, and their company more agile, flexible and competitive in a way that was never possible before now. No matter what size business you are.

At Nortec, our cloud services aren’t just about introducing new technology. We serve as your trusted partner, guiding you through the complexities of cloud solutions, helping your business truly take advantage of all the possibilities that lie in the cloud.

Navigate the future

The cloud is a complex environment full of options, pitfalls and opportunities. It’s not something you can easily navigate yourself. To truly leverage cloud solutions, you need an expert to help you through it.

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The Nortec Difference

Many businesses want cloud but they don’t know how to make it work for them.

We have customers at all levels of cloud adoption, from early users who have a little bit of cloud to full-fledged cloud users. We understand that businesses are eager to jump into the cloud, but understanding how to really make it work is challenging for laymen. Our team is dedicated to cloud expertise, so they have the skills to help you choose, implement and maintain Microsoft cloud solutions and monetize those solutions for your business – no matter what size your business is.

Afford robust solutions that were out of reach before:

  • Increase productivity with office productivity tools
  • Enhance your communications systems with integrated collaboration tools
  • Make secure mobility and remote access possible
  • Secure data with reliable disaster recovery and backups
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Identity-Based Access Management

With more users on more devices, the need for identity-based access management has become increasingly clear. Nortec’s identity-based access management ensures secure access, detects unusual behavior and helps stops cybercrime in its tracks. Identity-based security and access management solutions allow businesses to meet the evolving needs of business applications by creating secure access to cloud-based resources via multifactor authentication. Protect your company and its internal documents with Nortec’s secure identity-based access management security.

Nortec’s cloud services are available to clients served by our Washington D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia offices.

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