Cloud Computing Cost

Will cloud computing save you money? The answer is usually yes, when you calculate the costs of supporting and maintaining your systems. The costs can be very low for some solutions. However, on some point solutions the cost can look higher. You can buy the backup storage and the software to backup your data for much less than the cost to backup to the cloud. Will the support cost savings be enough to justify the cloud solution? You still need to implement it and monitor it. Unless you never build an IT organization to begin with it is sometimes difficult to justify moving something to the cloud. It is also unclear what will happen in a year when the cloud provider changes things – new software, new pricing, or even worse goes out of business.

Cloud providers are improving the on boarding process and how changes are made. The industry is evolving and more businesses will move to the cloud as it matures. Is it time for your business to move your IT to the cloud?

Nortec Communications - Washington D.C