There is No Silver Bullet

I have heard the expression “There is no silver bullet” many times … so much so, that it is a cliché. It is however, true and this is a fundamental concept when managing a team or business. Since there is no one thing, the alternative is to piece together all the key elements. Management leaders need to be constantly seeking out new ideas. These concepts, principles and processes need to be implemented to incrementally improve yourself, your team and your business.

When I graduated from college I read “Dress for Success” and this is a classic must read, but clearly one small piece of what is involved in a successful career. John T. Malloy, the author, did a great scientific job of analyzing business attire and what works. Companies like IBM and EDS incorporated the concepts very successfully to the point of coining the “IBM Blue Suit”. The book as many since present as if this is the silver bullet! It is more like a tool in the toolkit.

I have read many business books and often I come across the same concepts. However, I am amazed that just as often I find new information and ideas. I read new thinking on technology, management and business practices. So I will seek new information and at the same time revisit the best of what I have read and learned in the past. Take the best principles and concepts and incorporate them. The goal is small 10% improvements. Over a long period of time these small improvements add up!

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