Cloud Computing Growth

Gartner recently predicted significant growth in cloud computing stating 20% of companies would be completely cloud based by 2010 and reach 11% of the market this year. The growth is primarily from companies that have already implemented cloud computing. The implication is that if you try it you will love it.

Last year in April I posted an article on the growth rate of cloud computing: How much of the Market is Cloud Computing? At that time I calculated cloud computing to be about 2% of IT spending and that it would grow to 10% by 2019. Gartner’s prediction of 20% of businesses will be completely using cloud computing is considerably higher than the information less than a year ago. It appears that cloud computing is growing more rapidly than expected!

It is time to take a closer look at using the cloud and creating a plan for your business.

This quote from Bill Gates sums it up:
“The next sea change is upon us.”

CIO Magazine Article:

Article: “Cloud computing’s only for grown ups, survey says” by Carl Brooks:,289142,sid201_gci1379117,00.html

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