Cloud Computing Update

Cloud computing is currently at under 10% of the IT market. Predictions by Goldman Sachs indicate growing to about 50% by 2015 and higher by 2020 to as much as 80%.

The four basic questions an IT leader considers when making a cloud decision are:

1. Is your data center growing to fast?
2. What is more important control or trust?
3. Is it better to have operational expenses vs capital expenses?
4. Do you need a scalable system or is fixed going to work?

The cloud can expand and contract to business needs so in a highly dynamic computing resource the cloud is very effective.

Businesses are driven to the cloud for four key reasons:

1. The economy – Cost (although less so, as it is not always cheaper)
2. Access – anytime, anywhere
3. Scalability
4. Management

Nortec Communications - Washington D.C