How Microsoft’s Modern Workplace is Changing How You Work

Managed modern workplace might sound as abstract as the latest avant-garde installation at the National Gallery of Art, but it’s a straightforward concept we designed to build on the increasingly popular Microsoft modern workplace. Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

Microsoft 365 is the foundation for the modern workplace and provides business owners tools to progress and grow in this new environment.

What’s Included?

Microsoft 365 is a licensing option few organizations take advantage of, but it can save your business money. Microsoft 365 includes:

Instead of buying 2 components separately, it typically makes more sense to purchase the Microsoft 365 bundle.

Why Does My Organization Need the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

The nature of work has fundamentally changed and will continue to evolve with technological advancements. Microsoft recognizes this and the challenges the shift introduces for businesses. Coworkers may not live in the same state, let alone work out of the same office. Businesses need to adapt without sacrificing security or productivity.

How Will I Benefit From Nortec’s Managed Modern Workplace?

Nortec’s managed modern workplace builds on Microsoft 365, but adds the support, security and professional services you need to unlock all the capabilities of the system.

Expert, trusted advice on Microsoft licensing

It takes being plugged into the Microsoft world day in and day out to really understand the breadth of the Microsoft 365 solutions. We have expertise that most IT managers and providers do not. We help you unlock the potential of each application you have so your team can be more productive. We’ll also advise you on the increasingly complex Microsoft licensing world to help you avoid costly mistakes when selecting licenses.

Critical identity and endpoint management

One of your employees takes their laptop to the coffee shop and connects to public WiFi. Another user leaves their work phone behind at a restaurant. You can’t completely control where employees work or take their work devices, but you can extend security to their devices and identities.

Our identity and endpoint management ensure your team works safely and securely from the office, at home or anywhere. How?

  • Keep threats out of your inbox and Teams with Advanced Threat Protection
  • Regular patching
  • Configure protections, like multifactor authentication

These measures, and others, help prevent a breach of your team and/or the devices they use.

Support for everyone from the frontline worker to the C-Suite

In a distributed workforce, technology needs to work – everywhere. Our Managed Modern Workplace IT support includes unlimited remote-help-desk support and escalation process to quickly resolve issues. Your team spends time working – not troubleshooting IT problems.

We also provide higher level support to your leadership team through vCIO debriefings with our expert consultants.

Thwart threats through layered security

As employees’ devices and data travel outside the traditional office perimeter, defenses like firewalls are inadequate. We’ll work with your team on a layered defense plan to prevent attacks. Common components include:

Gain security transparency with regular reporting

We carefully monitor networks for malicious activity, track business assets and analyze secure score data. Using this information, we can quickly act to mitigate threats and determine when and if additional security controls are necessary. We report the metrics to you in a clear manner as we continually refine your security strategy.

Take full advantage of Microsoft Teams

Features in Microsoft Teams can transform your organization, but you need a strategic rollout and implementation plan to ensure functionality and security. We’ll work with you to craft a plan so you:

Maximize Your Microsoft ROI

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace provides the tools your business needs to thrive, but not the expertise in how to deploy the solutions or protect your organization. Contact us today to maximize the value of your Modern Workplace and drive your business forward.

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