5 Digital Transformation Takeaways From COVID-19

Businesses Can’t Ignore These if They Want to Succeed

COVID-19 dealt a swift, forceful blow to daily life. It interrupted every industry and reset how we work. To navigate the pandemic and thrive in a post-pandemic world, businesses need to fully embrace a digital transformation.

Fortunately, the biggest barrier to change – not wanting to upset the apple cart – doesn’t apply right now. Now is the time to create a competitive advantage for your business. Solidify your digitized workplace with our 5 takeaways from the pandemic so far.

1. Businesses in the Cloud had an Easier Transition to Work-From-Home

When our clients who operate 100% in the cloud moved to remote work, they experienced fewer obstacles. We aren’t saying they didn’t encounter any difficulties – even at Nortec we had to troubleshoot minor issues as people adjusted to commuting to the dining room table. What cloud-based businesses didn’t worry about was access to critical line-of-business applications and communications systems. Everything they needed to be productive was at their fingertips. Not being in the cloud cost your business productivity time when round one of the virus hit. A second wave is likely, don’t be caught off-guard.

Set up remote workers with cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365 and Teams now.

2. Embrace the Digital Transformation to Cut Operating Expenses

Cartoon depicting COVID-19 wrecking ball about to smash company reluctant to adopt digital transformation. Before the pandemic, embracing the digital transformation and moving to the cloud gave businesses a scalable, flexible operating environment and helped them save money on licensing. Now, it offers a way to cut down on your operating expenses. Many business owners and executives are discovering employees are equally productive at home as they are in the office. With a strategic partner who understands cloud-based technologies, you can preserve capital by letting people continue to work remotely and downsize your office. Or, you could use video meeting capabilities in Teams to reduce business travel.

40% of Microsoft 365 functionality goes unused

But without a true IT partner who wants to make sure you squeeze every bit of use out of your technology, you risk leaving money on the table. 40% of Microsoft 365 goes unused in the average business. Strategic IT support from Microsoft experts like Nortec helps you unlock the full potential of  these  solutions. You’ll maintain high levels of productivity and seamlessly adopt new technologies.

3. Don’t Overlook Bandwidth

Around the world, people are joining video calls, learning from home, streaming videos, and consuming a lot of bandwidth. Your predominately in-office system wasn’t built for this setup, and employees could be experiencing glitchy video, slow download speeds, or other impediments to their daily work life.

Poor internet speed is a productivity killer. If you haven’t already, set aside time to talk to each member of your team about their internet connection and how many devices are connecting to their home network.

3 digital transformation questions to answer today

  1. Do employees have access to high-speed internet?
  2. Are you using the cloud to access line-of-business applications?
  3. Do you need to add capacity to your VPN license to support the surge in remote workers?

4. Adaptability is Key to Success Now and in the Future

The future is uncertain. Going forward, you may opt for a 100% work-from-home model, have employees return to the office in shifts, or bring everyone back to the office. You don’t have to hobble along with cobbled-together solutions. With the right license, Microsoft 365 can equip your business with tools that safely facilitate work anywhere.

Make the most of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an essential business tool, but it doesn’t come with support. Our managed modern workplace offering pairs our strategic support, help desk service, and security expertise with the platform. It’s a fully managed solution for businesses seeking to maximize their Microsoft 365 ROI.

5. ‘Novel’ Doesn’t Only Apply to the Virus – Neutralize New Security Risks

Pre-pandemic, traditional security tools, such as firewalls, helped keep threats out by defending the perimeter of your organization. The perimeter around your organization no longer exists. Employees access data from home, potentially using personal devices. If their networks aren’t secure, or they access your VPN through a compromised computer, you’re at risk. Additional threats come from pandemic-related scams and phishing emails. Re-evaluate your secure score to understand the vulnerabilities created by remote workers and which features, like multifactor authentication, should be turned on to neutralize new security risks.

We Understand Your Priorities Have Changed – Digital Transformation Consulting can Help

Like you, how we work has changed. We understand the need to have unimpeded access to line-of-business applications, documents, and communication systems. As a strategic IT partner, we’ve facilitated hundreds of digital transformations. We can advise you on the solutions that will optimize your environment for the new normal.


Make our expertise your advantage. Contact us for a digital transformation consulting session.

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