How to Set Up Your Remote Workers Now

With the news warning us to increase social distance amid the coronavirus fears, more companies are recognizing the need to have their teams work remotely for the foreseeable future. Many are finding themselves unprepared to shift operations out of the office.

Working remotely can put a certain strain on the business and the team. If you don’t know if you can set up remote work for your team, call us – we can help immediately.

4 Tips to Work Remotely

  1. Keep communicating

Not having an office space can make everyone feel cut off. Move team meetings to Teams and use video chat and emails to keep your team informed. This should happen company-wide and across projects and work teams.

  1. Stay engaged

The teams that thrive while working remotely can accomplish just about everything online through cloud-syncing, web-based applications and a good internet connection. Maintain as much of the same work atmosphere as you’re used to. Experiencing changes in how you work is bound to create some hiccups, so go slow if you need to but don’t put off projects.

  1. Keep all your meetings

Even larger meetings can be held online, as many corporations are quickly discovering. Your meetings can be successful when you use video as often as possible, set clear agendas, make sure everyone has functional audio, do periodic verbal check-ins with key players to ensure that everyone is focused on the task at hand, and take clear notes with action items clearly outlined.

  1. Support your team

Working from home can be unsettling and leave one feeling disconnected, but you can still support one another to keep the work atmosphere positive and upbeat. Check in over chat more often, take a few minutes to talk about what you’re up to (like you do at the water cooler), share pics of your kids and pets. You could go so far as to have after-hours happy hour via Teams. These morale-building activities are vital to maintain a sense of camaraderie and keep spirits uplifted during uncertain and trying times.

We’ve Got Your IT Covered, Remotely

At Nortec, we have successfully tested our abilities to securely function remotely and can offer the same level of support to our clients that they’re accustomed to over a prolonged period of time. Many members of our team routinely work remotely, and we remain confident that we will continue to provide remote IT support for the needs of businesses in the D.C., Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Mid-Atlantic and Florida areas to establish remote work solutions as quickly as possible.

Need to Know How to Work Remotely NOW? Contact Us.

Nortec is recommending Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 to establish remote work for employees. Both solutions are cloud-based and desktop-capable and can be implemented and deployed with the necessary urgency.

Microsoft Teams is secure and can be used as a phone system; customers dialing your office number can be routed seamlessly to wherever you are, using your existing phone numbers. Read Microsoft Teams Guide: Leverage the Latest Collaboration Tool to read why we think Teams is the best option.

If you need to stand up remote work, contact Nortec online or call us direct at 866-531-1990.

Here’s how we can help:

  1. Review your systems, team, work locations and needs to quickly identify remote work solutions
  2. Acquire, deploy, configure and train your team on remote work solutions – all using remote connections
  3. Advise you on additional solutions to keep your team safe while working remotely, such as mobile device management and multifactor authentication

You can stand up remote work solutions quickly without costly technology. We’re here to keep you safe and working, after all, we’re all in this together. If you don’t have a remote work solution ready to deploy, contact Nortec online or call us direct at 866-531-1990.

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