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Nortec has gathered a variety of resources to help your company achieve its goals. As we have new tools to share, we will update this page. If you have any questions, you can always contact your Nortec representative or George Hammerschmidt.


1.31 Minutes of Fame / September 2016

Business Continuity and Disaster Recover should be top of mind for every business. Simply backing up data does not get organizations the recovery time objective (RTO) they desire. The most common cause for disaster recovery is not natural disaster, but rather operational failures – power, hardware, network and software failure – and human error. As a result of a significant disruption, organizations lose employee productivity, business opportunity, customer confidence and damage corporate reputation.

Presenter: Paul J. Wismar, Senior Systems Consultant, Nortec Communications, Inc.

Together. Shaping the Future. Introduction AudioCodes OneBox 365. / March 2015

– With the move to Office 365 you take a big step to modernize your productivity platform.
– Adding Lync voice to provide an integrated communications experience is the next logical step.
– Add voice to your E4 subscription with AudioCodes OneBox for 365.

Spend 30 minutes with Dennis Irwin, Practice Manager for Unified Communications, as he explains this solution many of you have been asking about.

Introducing the Next Generation of Firewalls from Palo Alto / December 2014

Firewalls for a Modern Business

Business Owners love it!
– Identify applications that pose a threat to your business information.
– Protect against known and unknown application borne threats.

IT Departments love it!
– They get detailed visibility and policy control over application access and functionality.
– They can identify and control users regardless of IP address, location, or device.

Presenter: Greg Smith, Senior Consultant, Nortec Communications, Inc.

Single Sign-On = Easy Access / November 2014

The way we work has changed: we now do our jobs anywhere, any time, and from any device. Securely connecting your people, applications and devices is essential. This allows you to accelerate your business and streamline IT.

Learn how to transition from managing technology to designing and optimizing experiences for employees, partners, customers, and products.

– Easy Access for Employees, control for IT
– Secure Identity Management
– Single sign-on to cloud and premise-based apps
– Simplistic multi-factor authentication
– Easier password management
– Streamline employee onboarding
– Consistent, secure experience across devices

View our webinar and let us show you how to begin experiencing and implementing identity in a reimagined, simple way.

Presenter: Paul Wismar, Senior Systems Consultant, Nortec

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite / October 2014

The Challenges:

  • Your employees expect to be productive using a variety of device types
  • You need an infrastructure that can handle a common identity across on-prem services and the cloud
  • Everyone needs to be confident about Data Protection.

The Solution: Enterprise Mobility Suite

We hear some common themes in questions regarding the Cloud:
– Executives want control over their information.
– Who has access and how do we keep our information in-house?
– Legal teams are concerned about regulatory compliance and privacy.
– How can this be accomplished?
– IT staff wonder about adding complexity to existing systems.
– How will our infrastructure be managed?

For answers to these questions and Microsoft’s strategy watch our Enterprise Mobility Webinar.
Presenter: Greg Smith, CISSP, MCSE, MCITP, Senior Consultant, Nortec Communications

Car Dealerships / A Unified Communication System that fits your Business / October 2014

Owners love Mitel because…this feature rich system fits into their budgets.

GM’s love Mitel because… it empowers the employee to be mobile, productive and reachable AND it’s easy to use, easy to train.

Service Managers love Mitel because…it helps to keep their customers satisfied.

Sales Reps love Mitel because…they can leave their desk, walk the lot, and stay in touch!

It’s an all-round win for every level of your organization. Join our webinar and find out more.

Presenter: Dennis Irwin, Practice Manager for Unified Communications

Office 365 and Your Budget, Let’s Get Specific / October 2014

Cost Comparison:
Kevin Wills will walk you through a cost comparison between Office 365 and an on-premise system for a 25 user company and a 50 user company. Different licensing scenarios will also be addressed.

Savings in the Cloud:
We will start by outlining the costs associated with each solution. More importantly, you will see how to realize the savings that the cloud offers.

Controller-less Wi-Fi / September 2014

There’s been a lot of talk recently about “controller-less Wi-Fi”, and it’s important to understand why a controller-free network has become so appealing. Besides being more cost effective, secure, scalable and high performing, Aerohive has further simplified enterprise Wi-Fi with a flexible network management system called HiveManager, which eases deployment.

Hear the advantages of a controller-less infrastructure and see a demo of how it all works. Presenter:  Derek Sanchez, Aerohive Expert

Choosing Nortec as your Cloud Advisor OR buying services like Office 365, Intune and Azure directly: The Business Case / August 2014

It’s time to consider the Microsoft cloud for your business IT needs. How do you get there? Go it Alone? Get some help? Outsource?

Here are two common approaches:
1) Move your employees email, desktop security and desktop management either on your own or with Nortec setting up everything and handing it back for you to administer.
2) Focus on your business and let Nortec manage and administer your employee email, desktops and any professional IT support services you need.

The right decision still comes down to what is the most valuable to your business. Listen to George Hammerschmidt as he leads you through the dollars and cents for your best case scenario.

Why Lync? / Find out the answer from Nortec… / July 2014

Now is the time to consider real time online communications for your business. Lync allows everyone in your organization to connect in new ways for enhanced collaboration and engagement.

Take 40 minutes to discover why now is the perfect time for Microsoft Lync.

Presented by Dennis Irwin, Practice Manager for Unified Communications.

Nortec Communications, a leading provider of Unified Communications and consulting in the Mid-Atlantic, and is a Microsoft Managed Gold Unified Communications Partner

Real Cost of the Cloud / Office 365 and Your Budget-Let’s Get Specific/ June 2014

Cost Comparison: Kevin Wills, Vice President, Professional Services, Nortec Communications, will walk you through a cost comparison between Office 365 and an on-premise system for a 25 user company and a 50 user company. Different licensing scenarios will also be addressed.

Savings in the Cloud: We will start by outlining the costs associated with each solution. More importantly, you will see how to realize the savings that the cloud offers.

Intro to the Cloud / Time to clean out the closet! Your server closet. / May 2014

You are just starting to consider how to leverage the next generation of IT solutions for your business and want to get up-to-date on the possibilities. This is the webinar for you.

Kevin Wills, VP Professional Services Nortec Communications, leads an interactive webinar and to answer the following questions:
What is the Cloud?
Why should I care about the Cloud?
What are the advantages of a services-based approach to IT?
How do I decide what is right for my business?

The New Age of Video Conferencing / May 2014

Nortec uses Lifesize Video Conferencing every day. We love it and we’d like to show you why.

Here is what will be part of the discussion:
– Lifesize Icon – a new product that will have you preferring video over voice.
– Lifesize UVC bundles – collaborate via PC, Mac, mobile, or Lifesize meeting room system.
– Lync Integration – a powerful combination
– Affordability – this may be the most compelling point!

Robust IT Infrastructure – Zero Downtime, Email, Anti Virus, Back Ups, Remote Users / April 2014

Learn about solutions that do NOT require a capital investment or long term commitments. Cut your IT spending and keep your critical equipment and business applications running 24/7 up-to-date and virus free.

Why Lync? Using Microsoft Lync to enhance your current phone system / March 2014

Enhance PBX with the power of Lync
– Improve communications and collaboration.
– Manage your calls; enhance presence, instant messaging and conferencing
– Configure Lync to allow the user to receive calls on the road or in their home office

7 Deadly Sins of Data Protection / February 2014

In this webinar you will learn:
– Tips for avoiding the 7 sins.
– Backup and recovery methods you can use. Increase backup performance and reduce your footprint.
– What to expect from a Nortec consultant as you put together your strategy for data protection.

Get tuned in with Windows Intune and start your BYOD initiative / January 2014

Devices are everywhere and the world is becoming more mobile. The continued consumerization of IT is driving many organizations toward Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. Windows Intune allows companies to bring corporate data on consumer devices within control. The web-based administration console in Windows Intune provides simplified management of client computers in your organization, including Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, Apple iOS, and Android devices. You can upload and publish software packages, manage policy, and track computer inventory without on-premises infrastructure.

Windows Azure – changing the way we think about IT / November 2013

To take advantage of the vast possibilities the cloud offers, we need to rethink old processes while continuing to leverage existing skills and resources. We are here to help you move forward on this path and embrace all that the cloud brings to your business.


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