Add value to your IT

With hybrid cloud services in Washington D.C, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Nortec works to ensure that clients are getting the best of both worlds by leveraging both public and private cloud resources. By unifying services and data between both a cloud environment and traditional data centers, a hybrid cloud environment adds value to your computing environment and provides better security, agility, and affordability. As more cloud services are needed to meet a variety of customer needs, Nortec’s hybrid cloud services allow companies to quickly adapt and grow to meet shifting demands while still making the best use of existing private infrastructure and technology.

Cloud technology is changing faster than many companies can keep up, and  many businesses can’t afford to completely overhaul costly infrastructure to work with an exclusively public cloud environment. Most enterprises don’t make the switch to cloud-based systems overnight. Instead, hybrid services combine the private and public cloud to allow both environments to be used to their maximum potential. With the hybrid cloud, legacy technology can be leveraged in conjunction with the public cloud, allowing companies to seamlessly integrate cloud environments without the cost of eliminating or replacing local IT infrastructure.

Nortec’s Hybrid Cloud Services Include:

  • Virtualization
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

When you work within a hybrid cloud environment, all of your applications and data are stored can be stored in one or both cloud systems. Nortec works with IT departments and administrators to advise where resources should be allocated within the hybrid cloud for maximum efficiency and minimal deployment time. Moreover, when you store critical applications and data within both the public and the private spheres, you are increasing redundancy, improving accessibility, and reducing risk of lost data or interrupted function. In the event that one part of your cloud isn’t functioning properly, you can rely on the other portion of your cloud as a backup.

The hybrid cloud ensures that your enterprise resources are being stored and deployed to their best advantage at all times with the greatest diversity of allocation options to choose from. With locations in Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, Nortec works with clients to provide hybrid cloud services that afford unparalleled convenience, power and flexibility.