Network Infrastructure

Your Success Relies on the Right Infrastructure

Whether you move to the cloud or you maintain on-premise systems, the network infrastructure plays a vital role in the performance and security of IT systems for businesses in Washington D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

On-site infrastructure isn’t going away

As the world of business increasingly adopts cloud, that doesn’t mean necessary onsite infrastructure goes away. In fact, your business needs to work with an IT provider who has expertise in network infrastructure for the cloud. You still need wireless access points, cabling for your Ethernet ports and switches to move traffic around in the most expedient way. If you’re using a hybrid cloud solution, network infrastructure is vital to ensuring you have a secure experience accessing the cloud.

Why network infrastructure matters to the cloud

Your network infrastructure is pivotal to your success with voice, video and multimedia in the cloud. Just because you can send and receive email doesn’t mean your network can support unified communications, for example. When you plan to rely on any cloud solution, certain types of traffic have different requirements which is why it’s important to work with someone who specializes in both network infrastructure and cloud.

Your bridge to the cloud

At Nortec, we uniquely understand what’s required of your network infrastructure to support a full cloud or hybrid cloud environment to make the cloud run smoothly and efficiently for your team. From connecting your firewalls to Azure to making systems secure and accessible for remote users, we have the expertise to make cloud systems more powerful, secure and fast.

The Nortec Difference

  • 21 years of network expertise
  • Industry certifications in Microsoft, HP, Cisco and SonicWall
  • Strong relationships with vendors
  • Expertise to enhance cloud experience
  • Virtual private network solutions
  • Wireless on-premise switching and routing
  • Firewall and security specialties

Our network infrastructure services enhance and support client IT systems in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. When you invest in IT, your infrastructure should help you can get the most ROI from those investments. If you’re experiencing downtime, disruptions, outages and interruptions, give us a call.

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