Unified Communications – Philadelphia

At its heart, the goal of unified communications is simple: to make connecting, communicating and collaborating easy and efficient for companies. However, with an ever-growing number of devices, applications, and communication tools, it can easily overwhelm.

We offer a wide range of on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid unified communications solutions, so you don’t have to choose between leveraging existing infrastructure and enjoying the affordability and scalability of the cloud.

All the features and benefits of collaboration and communication is available to you – in the cloud and on site.

Why Unified Communications?

In the past, business communication was fairly straightforward: companies used phone and email to connect with partners, suppliers and employees. Today, there are countless ways for companies to communicate with their teams and clients from traditional VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and instant messaging to video conference calls and live-stream webcasts.

Unified communications systems combine all of your communications tools to offer an enhanced, integrated communications system that takes your concept of connection out of the 20th century and into the modern workforce.

Powerful unified communications solutions

Our unified communications boosts productivity while offering unmatched peace of mind that all your conferencing, collaboration and communication can be conducted with the utmost security and ease. Unified communications systems are a superior class of communications systems, offering improved collaboration among employees, enhancing your connection with customers and offering unparalleled information security.

Nortec supports all the latest tools for business communication and collaboration for remote workers, multiple sites, and mobile devices. Employees can securely use their favorite applications from any location on any device, adding meaningful power and simplicity to business connectivity.

A custom approach to unified communications

We offer unified communications hosted on-premise, in the cloud, and hybrid solutions. Whether you’re looking to manage a feature-rich communications system onsite or you’re ready to take advantage of fully managed, unified communications as a service (UCaaS), Nortec can help craft a tailored solution that meets your objectives.

At Nortec, we cut past the IT jargon to help you truly get the most out of your favorite communication tools. We’re committed to working with Philadelphia clients to empower cutting-edge communication solutions that move at the speed of business and keep your enterprise a step ahead of the competition.

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