3 Questions about Moving to the Cloud

So you’re a smaller business and aren’t sure whether it’s time to move to the cloud, now what? You’re also wondering how the heck you are going to get there, you feel overwhelmed, and you don’t want to spend oodles of capital dollars. Yet, you want to change the way you operate, and stay current with the times. Well, I’ve got great news for you – moving to the cloud with an IT expert is seamless, low cost, and worry free. You will gain productivity, advanced capabilities, and have extra funds to spend on other important areas of your business.

It may feel like it would be a daunting undertaking, but think again. Your cloud system can be up and running in a matter of days, versus the months required to replace your old, end-of-life, on-premises dinosaur. You can even start small by just moving the low hanging fruit, such as your email or desktop support. At a measured pace, you will immediately begin to experience the advantages, and can then move your storage and servers to the cloud.

What’s more, there are experts out there to be your partner to make this journey with you. Don’t be left behind, left hanging, and left in the dark ages.

3 signs that it’s time to move to the cloud

  1. You are tired of kicking the can down the road, not moving forward.

You’re ready to break up with your current provider, have had it with slow performance, apps failing, email that isn’t responsive, disk drives failing, and so on. Ditch the pain – leave your office on a Friday and return on Monday to a cloud IT solution. Who wants to swap out their network when a seamless weekend migration can change the way you work – with no interruptions, no lost productivity and workflows that are in place.

  1. You want to take advantage of the cloud’s advanced capabilities.

Whether you want messaging, back up, virtual machines, disaster recovery, video, voice, or file sharing, the cloud has it. You know the old saying “better, faster, and cheaper”…the cloud’s advanced capabilities will position your business this way.

  1. You are sick of the roller coaster financial outlay.

The up-front expenses, the ongoing costs of things breaking, the unpredictable expenses that pop up… Stop the madness. With a cloud system, there’s no need to experience these ups and downs. With cloud, all that’s required is a single, predictable, operational expense, freeing up your budget for other business priorities.

With Nortec Communications your cloud move will be friction-free. A first-hand customer immersion experience sets the stage. You’ll see how a new way of working makes you more productive, efficient, and saves you money. With a fixed price, automated tools to migrate, and a single resource to handle it all, you will gain a plethora of advantages, while removing the pains of the past. Ongoing virtual CIO sessions, end user training and support will keep your business on the latest tools and highly productive.

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