SMB Legal Firm and Nortec Create a Partnership to Support the Firm’s Need for a Smooth Running Office

SMB Legal Firm and Nortec Create a Partnership to Support the Firm’s Need for a Smooth Running Office

This SMB Legal Firm is located in the City of Fairfax, Virginia. Since its founding, it has well established practices in civil litigation, tort, personal injury litigation, land use, education and local government law, family law, creditor’s rights, estate planning, and general business matters. They serve each client faithfully and completely whether that client is a large corporation, a small business, or an individual.

The Challenge

The client’s main office supports fifty full-time users comprised of a mix of lawyers, legal assistants, operations personnel and management. The firm has displayed steady growth since its inception, and does not require a full time IT employee to maintain and update the system.

The client utilizes the network to support a burgeoning legal practice that relies on the core aspects of infrastructure; tools to create and manage documents, a legal accounting package with time tracking, robust printing, and strong security.

The law firm’s technology is there to support the practice. They focus on the basics; standard, dependable technology tools for core aspects. Since most of the users are not technically oriented, updates and upgrades are scrutinized for dependability and ease-of-use. Disruption to the office due to technology was not an option.

The firm required a highly-skilled resource familiar with the next generation of products to design and develop their systems as the industry demanded, but also needed a familiar presence that knew their users, their system, and their business to support them on an ongoing basis.

Faced with supporting a critical business requirement that didn’t justify a full head count, and realizing the difficulty of attracting and retaining a candidate with cutting-edge project skills that would also provide end-user support, This SMB Law Firm chose to outsource their infrastructure support to Nortec with a silver maintenance plan.

The Solution

Nortec’s silver maintenance plan provides full system coverage for the firm’s technical infrastructure by experienced, Microsoft-certified, Nortec technicians. Nortec’s workload is comprised of regularly-scheduled maintenance tasks and as-needed user support. The mix of preventative and responsive care covers hardware issues, server updates, setup of new systems, application troubleshooting, user training on new products, and technology consulting for various business issues and concerns that arise. Preventative maintenance includes checking system backups, reviewing system logs, verifying latest virus files are in place, maintaining warranty programs, and keeping licensing up-to-date.

Nortec technicians are on-site twice a month to regularly monitor the system and provide support. They are in-touch and hands-on. The partnership is the support this client needs for a smooth running office.

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