Desktop Virtualization

I read an interesting article in Forbes magazine: “Desktop Virtualization Tips for CIOs” by Elias Khnaser. The article points out that desktop virtualization does not always mean VDI as it may mean streaming a virtual application or running virtual machines on your desktop but I will stick with VDI – a virtual desktop implementation.

Virtual desktop implementation (VDI) is compelling from a management standpoint. It certainly saves money on desktop operational expenditure but not on capital expenditure according to Gartner. This is different from server virtualization. Server virtualization’s savings on Op Ex and Cap Ex made it extremely compelling.

The article points out that VDI must be planned entirely differently than server virtualization as the challenge becomes supporting many more applications than what is running on a server. This is where you run into problems of what applications will run on the desktops and who is in control. The technical team will like the control and ease of management – Will the users like it? VDI does create a great access anywhere and consistent look and feel.

The article is good – here is a link:

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