Disaster Planning

I read an interesting article on Disaster Recovery in Tech News World: “Disaster Recovery: It’s More Than a Plan – It’s a Process”. The article points out that it is important to have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) or Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). Backups and redundancy is great but without a plan for operation in the emergency situation the business is exposed to disruptions. This is a great point and it is also interesting how sometimes businesses have a system designed for failover but no real plan for fail back once the system repairs are complete!

The article goes on to say that “every organization, at some point in time, will face a disaster, whether it’s a power outage, data center meltdown or a major hurricane.” This statement is a little broad since it really depends on your business as to what qualifies as a disaster. Some companies being down for an hour qualifies as a disaster where being down for a several days may be manageable for another business.

Business and IT leaders need to come together and create disaster recovery plans based on what constitutes a disaster for them and their risk tolerance.

Tech News World Article: “Disaster Recovery: It’s More Than a Plan – It’s a Process”


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