Microsoft Azure Services

Businesses are Betting on the Cloud

Businesses are increasingly adopting cloud services and transforming how they operate. Organizations can migrate from on-premise servers, networking, software and storage to hosted solutions in Azure. Like migrating to Office 365, the shift to Azure makes your business more agile and offers new opportunities for your business to rapidly scale.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Services:

  • Scalable pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Security and compliance tools baked in
  • 99.9% data availability guaranteed by Microsoft

, Microsoft Azure Services




Successful Azure Migrations Require Planning

The potential for the cloud to propel business growth, save money or make your organization more flexible depends on the actions you take before, during and after a cloud migration.

At Nortec, we carefully manage each step of the process.

Before: Planning and Testing

You explain your business needs and goals and we roadmap solutions. Before migrating your organization, we test our plan using shell environments to ensure everything is properly connected and working.

During: Managing Your Migration

We schedule the migration after business hours or over a weekend to minimize disruptions. We check the systems and turn on advanced security tools, like Advanced Threat Protection, so your business is protected from day one.

After: Training, Management and Improvements

After the migration, we provide support and train members of your team on new systems and applications as needed. Our team continually monitors and tests your backups. We also identify new technologies and next steps to take in the cloud, like implementing Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S).

Preparing for Windows 7, Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 End of Support?

Migrating to Azure should be a discussion you have while planning for Microsoft End of Support. Preparing for new operating systems frequently involves purchasing new hardware and updating software. Instead of budgeting for new servers and application updates every 3 to 5 years, you can use End of Support as an opportunity to move your organization to the cloud.

Engage a Microsoft Gold Partner to Maximize Your Azure Services

Azure will change how you operate, but the platform is complex. Applications and features are constantly updated. Migrating and managing the platform is not a do-it-yourself activity. Working with a Microsoft Gold Platform partner that has extensive Azure experience will save you time and ensure continued productivity.

At Nortec, we have 8 Gold competencies, including cloud-specific proficiencies. We earned a Gold Cloud Platform Competency after demonstrating our ability to modernize infrastructure and successfully migrate business applications and data to the cloud. To earn the Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, we had to prove our expertise in cloud solutions, like Office 365, that increase productivity and security at small- and mid-sized businesses. This helped us earn a Gold Cloud Productivity competency too.

Nortec’s Gold Competencies
  • Application Development
  • Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Productivity
  • Collaboration and Content
  • Communications
  • Datacenter
  • Messaging
  • Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

Nortec’s Silver Competencies

  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Windows and Devices
Nortec is a Microsoft Gold Partner

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Working with a Gold partner ensures you have the highest level of expertise. When your Microsoft partner has a range of competencies, you access expert advice on which platforms and tools are best for your organization. Let us help you see how it’s done.

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