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Try Before You Buy:Azure, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Skype for Business or Office 365
Microsoft is offering funding that allows small-medium businesses as well as enterprise customers to try Azure, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Skype for Business or Office 365before you buy.  If your business is in the cloud, on premises, or a little of both, these offers help you explore cloud solutions to help your business grow.
Consider utilizing this opportunity to conduct a proof of concept, get an assessment, or hands-on training.  You'll be able to try, assess, plan and then deploy.  Article Continues Here>>>

Microsoft 365: Your New Superhero....With a Super Offer
MS 365 is a comprehensive solution for SMB and enterprise customers that includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.  This is a solution that truly takes care of all your needs - and Microsoft's funding offers (see previous article) allows you to try it before you buy it.

Team Nortec

Meet Thomas Wang, Network Administrator for Nortec. Read on to learn why Thomas' background makes him uniquely positioned to address the health of your organization's network.

Q: Tell us a little about your job. 

A: I work on maintaining client's workstations with security updates, day-to-day, following up with help desk tickets, creating network maps, and back-up checks.  A little bit of everything.

Q: Why do clients choose a managed service like a Help Desk? 

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Learn how embracing the Microsoft cloud allowed Nortec to maintain relevance in their market
Microsoft interviews George Hammerschmidt the COO and EVP of Inspire 2017 Winner of US SMB EMS East Region Partner of the Year - Nortec Communications, Inc.

Maybe you're considering a server upgrade or migrating to the cloud.  Chances are, an organization just like yours has done the same thing - and Nortec has helped them along the way.  Learn how the process went for your peers in one our many case studies.  Click here>>> 
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