Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

I watched “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” on Netflix.  It is an interview done in 1995 but not released until 2012 as it was apparently lost.  The interview is very good and insightful to the IT industry and specifically Steve Jobs thoughts at that time.  I found one statement particularly interesting.  Steve Jobs talked about the difference between average and the best in most industries is 20%, 30% or maybe 50% better.  As an example, the best taxi in New York vs average he explains is maybe 30% better.   Steve Jobs believes that the difference between an average IT professional and the best is 50 times greater.  Getting the absolute best technical professionals was significant in the creation of the Mac.  Steve Jobs also points out that top professionals working with other very top professionals creates an interesting dynamic where the team excels even more.  These experts may not have had the opportunity to work with the best in the past.  They really enjoy it and take themselves to the next level.  In the systems integration business, I do not think that the difference between the best and average is 50 times but it would be 2 to 3 times or more and this creates a significant advantage to an organization that is able to attract these top professionals. 
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