Symantec Vision

Last week at the Symantec Partner Conference Enrique Salem, CEO of Symantec outlined 5 trends in the IT industry:

1. Virtualization
2. “We are under attack” – Businesses are under attack by criminals trying to gain financially through hacking into corporate information
3. “Consumerization of IT” – Consumers adopt and implement new technologies before businesses
4. Storage is growing extremely rapidly: A) 51% businesses plan to spend more on storage next year B) 33% businesses plan to spend the same on storage next year C) 16% businesses plan to spend Less on storage next year
5. Executives are targeted with IT attacks

Symantec is positioned as the company that will protect your information – from backing up to archiving – from end point security to data loss protection. Symantec will provide the solutions for complete information protection and quick recovery when there are server failures or a lost laptop at the airport.

Mr. Salem asks the question, “what is more damaging, servers failing or loss of information and customer data?” Clearly loss of information is a larger issue and this is where Symantec is focused.

Nortec Communications - Washington D.C