3 Key Results to Expect From Your IT Provider

Downtime is big – big in terms of exposure, risk and lost productivity. If you’re dealing with IT issues more frequently than handling your core business, and using key resources to regularly fix things, it’s time to consider switching to a new provider.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the right IT solution that just works – giving you technical expertise, dedicated customer service, top-notch service delivery, mobile access to information, ease of use, and the functionality that you need – all while knowing that your IT provider really cares about you?

Here are 3 key results to expect from your IT provider:

  1. Service delivery that doesn’t make you feel like just another number
    Customer service should be a consistent, seamless, and pleasant experience. Speaking to the same representative instead of a different person each time saves you the hassle of jumping through hoops to explain your problem time and time again. It should also be easy to reach them, and speak with someone when you need immediate help.A strong IT partner will view themselves as part of YOUR team, meeting with you regularly to assess current needs and address any issues.
  1. High resource productivity and confidence in your IT solution
    The right solution means that you can stay focused on your business, and you aren’t constantly worrying about something breaking. By having the right applications in place, your sales, finance, operations, and marketing departments will have consistent access to the critical systems to perform their jobs. Keeping your best and brightest resources focused on their jobs means that your organization is accelerating with confidence.
  1. Minimal business risk through having the right technology and the right partner
    Rather than limping along calling your current provider every other week to fix issues, or having a catastrophic event put your business at risk, get the right solution in place to keep your IT department running effortlessly. Minimize your business risks such as lost data, the inability to restore data, and keep your systems up and running with 99.9% reliability

By choosing the right IT partner, who is a technical expert, you get peace of mind through the following:

  • Applications are not failing
  • Email is not down or unresponsive
  • Disk drives are not failing
  • Restoring a back-up is not a problem
  • Performing back-ups is a consistent activity
  • Slow performance is not an issue

At Nortec Communications, you’ll experience all of the above, while also having an expert to provide ongoing leadership and ownership of your core IT components. With the right solution, top-notch customer care, and impeccable service delivery, you’ll save money, improve productivity, and have spare time to spend on your core business. For more information on how Nortec can revolutionize your IT experience, contact us at info@nortec.com.

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