IT Managed Services

Power your business with Nortec

At Nortec, we provide IT managed services that empower companies in the Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia metro areas. By creating a unique IT ecosystem for each client and merging it with our expertise and best practices, we can advise, strategize, plan, implement and manage our client’s IT as a unified team of IT manage services experts.

Customers know us personally

Since we opened our doors in 1991, the world of technology has changed dramatically, and we’ve changed along with it. The one thing that we’ve never wavered on is our customer-first focus. Customers today ask for us by name and know their dedicated account managers and executive team. We enjoy a personal relationship with clients – they don’t just call us to fix their IT. In turn, we work to ensure our customers are always getting the most from their technology by understanding their needs and advising them on the best technology available for their budget and their needs.

Our managed IT services include:

  • Dedicated account managers and personal service
  • 24/7/365 help desk services
  • A team that knows your environment
  • Leverage technologies like cloud solutions  and hybrid cloud
  • Keep your IT aligned with your business goals
  • Offer flexible, scalable and secure solutions
  • Use our knowledge pool to manage your IT
  • Quarterly business reviews and strategic planning with vCIOs

Our solutions

The Nortec IT Managed Services Difference

Economies of scale: A full entourage of expert IT professionals for much less than the cost of hiring a team yourself.

Scalable cost and solution: Managed IT services grow as you grow and can shrink if you downsize.

Integrate systems: From desktops to mobile devices on the go, we streamline your infrastructure and systems to gain more efficiency.

Flexible solutions: On-premise, full-cloud and hybrid cloud options for unified communications, security and network infrastructure.

Accountability: A dedicated account manager and hands-on support to reduce downtime and protect your hardware investment.

Unmatched security: Managed security, backups and disaster recovery with expert oversight and testing are all integrated into your services.

Enterprise-class environment: All of the options that were traditionally out of the question for SMBs are now possible with Nortec’s IT Managed Services.

We use everything we sell

In this house, if it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for our clients. If it’s good enough for us, why would we offer you something different? We don’t sell it unless we trust the product. We can assure quality because we’re using the same systems.

With locations in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, Nortec works with clients to provide a suite of IT managed services to support growth, elevate security and empower productivity.

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