It’s Go Time: Microsoft SQL & Windows Server 2008 Support Ends Jan. 14

Clock with saying time for action as Microsoft Server 2008 support ends need Microsoft licensing

If you’re running Windows Server 2008 and/or SQL Server r2 2008 don’t pass go, don’t collect $200. Time is up and you need a plan you can implement ASAP. Here’s what you need to do to stay secure.

How to Quickly Migrate Away from Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server rR2 2008

Protect your organization, disconnect the server from your network

Every day your server remains connected to your network after the final patch is released by Microsoft is a risk for your business. After support ends on January 14, disconnect the server as quickly as possible. Otherwise you risk introducing a virus to your network.

Decommission your server using Azure

If you’ve been considering an Azure migration, this is the perfect opportunity to move to the cloud. First, check to see if the applications you’re running on Server 2008 and SQL Server r2 are compatible with newer server software. Next, you’ll create a virtual machine in the cloud and install the newer software. Then, you can migrate the application and data to Azure running the new operating system and decommission your old server.

What To Do with Critical, Non-Compatible Applications

Migrate to Azure and receive free support

If you have applications that will only work with Windows Server 2008 or SQL Server r2, you can migrate those servers to Azure and receive free support. Microsoft announced they will continue to provide security updates for both operating systems in Azure. Once you rehost your workloads, you’ll access 3 more years of support for free. You can use this time to plan your next steps, including which upgrades you want to make for your organization.

If the cloud isn’t an option, isolate the server

You may have an application running on your server that’s not supported on any other platform. If you upgrade, the application won’t run. In this case, you’ll need to isolate the server from the network. Set up a dedicated terminal you log into to access the application – and only that application. Be 100% sure you’ve set it up so there is no way the server can access the internet to prevent potential security risks.

Take Advantage of Our Microsoft Licensing & Support Expertise

Most businesses don’t intentionally ignore Microsoft end of support – the risks are too great. Whether you encountered budget constraints or ran into roadblocks in 2019 that derailed your plans, we can help. Our team is ready to manage an emergency migration, right now. If you need to purchase an SQL server, migrate to Azure or create an isolated environment for non-compatible applications contact us today.

Use our Microsoft competencies to benefit your organization

To provide deep, thorough knowledge about Microsoft solutions to clients, we’ve invested in continuing education to earn Microsoft competencies and have built a strong relationship with the company. We have 8 gold competencies, including 3 related to the cloud:

  • Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Productivity
  • Small- and Mid-Market Cloud Solutions

We can help you save on Microsoft Licensing

We regularly leverage our understanding of complex Microsoft licensing to help clients save money while accessing the technology they need to run their businesses. For instance, when we started working with United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, the non-profit was facing a potential fine from Microsoft. We resolved the issue by setting the organization up with non-profit licensing to decrease their IT costs while properly outfitting the organization with the licenses they required.

Reach out now

If you’re running unsupported operating systems, we can help. Contact us immediately so we can discuss your options and move you to a secure solution.

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