Cloud Email and Managed Desktop

Cloud email and managed desktop services offer companies an effective way to leverage the power of the cloud without getting in over your head.

From enterprise cloud email solutions to desktop as a service (DaaS), Nortec offers you essential services that get your business integrated into the cloud on a secure, stable platform, so you can build your company’s cloud infrastructure at your own pace.

A Microsoft Gold partner and leading provider of cloud email and managed desktop service for businesses in Washington D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Nortec offers comprehensive planning, implementation and support for our clients in the cloud, to keep your business ahead of competitors.

Our cloud email and cloud desktop services include:

Identity-based security and access. All cloud-based solutions include identity-based security, like multifactor authentication and access management options that can ensure the individuals gaining access to your company’s data and applications are authorized. These tools detect, stop and report on any unusual behavior so you can protect your business no matter what.

Cloud email only. Our web kiosk-based email in the cloud gives you full control of your email, eliminating the administrative burden through the cloud. It gives your company more flexibility to access email anywhere, on any device, often at a significant cost savings to your company.

Cloud email & cloud apps. These are your office productivity tools in the cloud, including email. This offers an affordable solution for you to manage your email and access key applications via web browsers from anywhere.

Cloud desktop services with mobile and cloud apps. This is the full Microsoft Office package running on an endpoint of your choice (or thru a web browser) with 1TB of cloud storage to manage file sharing, collaboration and secure storage.

Managed desktop services. Desktop management offers your company a fully managed and supported desktop solution that includes:

  • Application and device management, licensing, anti-virus, patch management inventory reporting
  • Full remote technical support with trouble ticketing
  • Strategic IT consulting with annual strategic planning and quarterly check-in meetings

Whether you want a fully managed desktop, cloud email or more secure on-the-go access to your applications, Nortec has the expertise to guide you in selecting the best cloud solutions for your business.

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