Mitel Sky

shortel-cloud-graphic Give your business enterprise phone system features without the enterprise price tag. The value’s not just in the quality of our service, but in the business we enable. We believe voice communications should empower your employees and be a strategic asset to your business. Our managed phone service, Mitel Sky, is the easy way to quickly deploy phones and unified communications applications with the business intelligence you need to grow productivity exponentially and differentiate your company in a crowd of competitors.

BENEFITS • Quality– proven by our loyal customers and the lowest churn rate in the industry • Metrics–the power of information for real business impact • Simplicity–we manage your phones, you manage your business • Flexibility–unites multi-site, centralized and remote workers • Scalability–add an unlimited number of users, or reduce services as needed • Reliability–built-in disaster recovery to keep you productive

Read more in the  Mitel Sky Solution Brief and click on any of the below e-books for more detailed information.

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